Environmental Policy

Firefish Ltd Environmental Policy

Firefish UK is striving towards a more sustainable future, managing our environmental impact is a significant part of this. We are continually improving the practice of how we work, the suppliers we engage with and the work that we do for clients. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, carbon emissions and preventing pollution. This policy is endorsed by the senior management team.

Commitment to Industry Action

Firefish have been instrumental in setting up the Insight Climate Collective, to mobilise the industry to react and respond to the climate crisis. Including working with the Market Research Society on its Climate Pledge and signing up to the pledge.

As part of this we commit to:

  1. Making our businesses net zero by 2026
  2. Tracking and publishing our carbon emissions, working to reduce and offset those emissions and publishing these figures annually in the Industry Report.
  3. Collaborating across our sector and beyond, to share learnings and best practice to achieve the above goals
  4. Supporting and encouraging conversations and call outs by our employees, partners and clients about environmental concerns and viewpoints We believe we have a role in using our extensive understanding of consumer behaviour in advocating and supporting clients with their sustainability agenda. We also commit to educating ourselves and our employees to positively impact the planet

We conduct pro bono work for the Purpose Disruptors, a marketing and communication sector climate action group, for launch at COP26.


Waste reduction: We are committed to a wide range of recycling schemes. We review the recycling schemes on an ongoing basis to ensure waste reduction in all the key business materials we use.

Energy: We are committed to reducing our energy usage. Office lighting has been upgraded to low energy options and we strive to embed best practice into company culture and communications around electricity and water usage.

Transport: We offer season ticket loans to cover travel for all employees to help minimise unnecessary car travel and have signed up to the Cycle to Work scheme which allows staff to buy a tax-free bicycle.

Sustainable Consumption: We strive to educate our staff and have ongoing measures in place to ensure sustainability is considered in our purchasing decisions.


We are proactive adopters of compliance requirements. We make it our business to know when applicable environmental legislation comes into force. We are committed to fulfilling our compliance obligations, including those of other interested parties with the day-to-day running of the business.

Company Culture

We are a progressive and proactive company with a dynamic way of understanding the environment around us.  We continually update the objectives and targets to lessen our impact on the environment. These targets are reviewed annually at a management review meeting. We communicate this policy, our environmental performance and other relevant environmental information to our staff and will consider staff suggestions to improve environmental performance and implement these where practical.

International Environment Standard ISO 14001:2015

This policy forms part of our commitment to continuous environmental improvement and maintaining ISO14001:2015 certification. We will continue to fulfill the requirements of the standard and provide the necessary resources to do so.

Policy Version: 1.11

Environmental Manager: Vanessa Flockhart